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*LIVE* The Home Based Business Lifestyle & Make Money Online:

Living the Work From Home-Based Business Opportunity Lifestyle is possible for you. Let’s focus and cover the 7 key elements and contributing factors required to create success, wealth, and happiness in today’s online digital world by harnessing the power of the internet.

  • Aligning yourself with the right business opportunity, leadership, and discipline to leverage the personal time freedom
  • Surrounding yourself in a winning, uplifting environment setup for you to experience prosperity, abundance, belief fast
  • Changing counter productive habits into money making activities that make you take massive action towards your future
  • Following the right information and positioning yourself where you can witness greatness inside the most lucrative profession.
  • Plugging into a Done For You System with Plug in Play, Point in Click platform capability allows for easy results with simple actions
  • Joining a strong, influential community and culture that acts and moves as 1 – A Movement with the same vision and mission in life
  • Adapting, Adjusting, + Adopting a Home Business Wealth Mindset to Achieve Mastery in the Art of Making Money From Home

Let’s review the work at home facts About the Online Home Business Numbers exposing the Truth Behind the scenes:

  • Did you know there are over 38 Million Work At Home Jobs in the USA alone and one is started every 12 seconds?
  • Did you know the home business industry grew to $427 Billion in Profits in 2012 and that 70%+ want to be Self-Employed
  • Did you know most online home-based businesses require little to no start up cost or investment and still provide amazing value
  • Did you know the (GOOYOW) Formula is holding you back and valuing and selling your time, expertise, and guidance works fast

Best Work From Home Based Businesses Online 2013

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Online Business 101: Teaching Work At Home Ideas & Principles for Results

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work at home business trainingHello that’s me Troy Shanks and welcome to the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of a 7-year successful online work from home business entrepreneur and “online opportunity coach, mentor, and trainer”.

First I need to say thank you as I greatly appreciate the time and attention spent here –

My sole intention is to vividly reveal a ‘lifestyle-altering” perspective that can potentially unlock the a very rewarding and lucrative profession.

Digging deeper down the rabbit hole we can start to conceptualize and visualize the core principles, building blocks, and ideas required and necessary to achieve your dreams and build a legacy inside the luxurious home based business industry.

Time-Tested Business Success Principles:

I will be effectively communicating and reviewing the best time-tested home based business principles that you can immediately begin to apply and implement back into your own work from home opportunities, ideas, and jobs.

home business ideasIt is extremely important to identify your why and be 100% clear upfront to actively engage the senses into creating and manifesting the proper succession of thoughts, events, and scenarios to naturally unfold in life to make it happen.

A nationwide survey shared the top 7 reasons and responses why people want to start their own online home based business:

best home business benefits1) Quit my Job (just over broke) and Live The Freedom Model
2) Job Insecurity and/or Approaching Retirement
3) Getting rid of debt by creating supplemental residual income
4) Better quality of life by spending more time with family and friends
5) Tax savings and time management benefits
6) Not waking up to alarm clock and being own boss, making own rules
7) Travel the world and inspire others to live and be free

While these may or may not be your core Why’s – We will be covering how you have the inherent power within to unleash your old thinking habits and start to master the art of working from home by generating your very own home based business lifestyle.

Why Most Home Business Entrepreneurs Fail:

home based business warning signYou deserve to know the truth behind the self-sabotaging [GOOYOW formula].

1 simple challenge or problem most individuals face when trying to generate profits and earn income online is not following, accepting, and positioning themselves with the right advice, guidance, and programs.

There are 3 fundamental principles to follow and acknowledge if you are trying to avoid the common struggles, frustration and pitfalls most work at home business enthuasists encounter as the stress goes up and passion goes down.

  • Following the Best People and Leadership
  • Getting into the right program, opportunity, and system
  • Taking Massive Action in Optimal Environment

It was Les Brown who once said it best on why people fail:

“I have found that most people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss, most people fail in life because they aim to low and hit – and many do not aim at all.”

why work from homeThe first art to master when it comes to beautifully designing a successful work at home business lifestyle is to define your purpose and get clear on what you want to accomplish.

The golden circle of WHY, HOW, WHAT needs to be identified and acted upon in order to know why it is what you do.

We will build on this subject below, but people do not join products, companies, or opportunities – yet people join people – and they do not join what you do – they join why you do it.

And with that we will transition into the biggest hurdle most online entrepreneurs face, and that is understanding why you do what you do…

best online home businesses 2013Chances are you’re looking to make money online in 2013. You’re looking to make it the best year yet, the most fulfilling and satisfying financial year of your life, and you’re looking to do that by leveraging the raw power of the Internet, and I’m going to tell you something.

The more people you inspire, the more people will inspire you…Inspire people to do the things that inspire them and together we can change the world.
The more you service people the more wealth you acquire…

17 Key Areas of Focus & Intention:

Before we begin to state the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the work at home business niche, I want to briefly outline the universal laws of prosperity you need to at least be made aware of before we start.

We can consider these the right natural ingredients required in order to create success in your life:

– The Master Mind Progress
– Enthusiasm and Energy Management
home based business formula– Definite Chief Aim + Goals
– Self-Confidence and Belief
– Habit of Saving Vs Spending
– Initiative and Leadership
– Imagination and Belief
– Self-Control and Discipline
– Doing more Than Paid for
– Pleasing Personality
– Accurate Thoughts & Feelings
– Dealing with Fear of Failure
– Trusting Tolerance Process
– Deep Concentration & Focus
– The Golden Rule Intention

These key classifications and categories are what we will be examining below that will help activate and stimulate your success senses if you truly want to make your money work for you inside this wild, crazy online home business arena.

Being Worth The Business Investment:

home business success quoteIn the words of the infamous Napoleon Hill, “What one can conceive and believe, one can achieve.”

You deserve to download this knowledge, truth, and information and is not by accident you are here.

Often times time is not on our side and the urgency to start seeing results inside your home business ventures is short and precious.

Whatever you pin as your why, whether it be; sound health, freedom from worry and fear, own choice of labor and occupation, to love and be loved, significance and recognition, world peace, spiritual connection – one thing is for certain –

The faster you identify your definiteness of purpose and follow it up with actionable reasons – the quicker a lot of mental hindrances and invisible roadblocks disappear.

I was sitting exactly where you are 7 short years ago wondering how it was all going to happen, what I needed to do and where I needed to go, who I needed to follow, and what I needed to do to make money online in 2013.

home business successI want to formally invite you to give yourself permission to become a “work at home business warrior” who does not give up and gains insight on what you want to feel, think, and become.

With no technical skills, no past experience or prior knowledge, I set out on a quest to achieve the ultimate pleasure and sensation of unlimited time-freedom and financial abundance by starting up my own career and invite you .

Too often I see most people over complicating what it actually requires to make it online. Albeit traffic, leads, sales, blogging, social media, videos, funnels etc.

While I have so much more to learn, grow and develop, I have been there and done that with so many opportunities, niches, arenas, and styles.

I want to convey to you why you are worth the investment back into yourself as you continue down your journey of self growth and personal development.

From internet and online marketing, to affiliate and network marketing, to direct sales and health supplements, I have tried and tested nearly every aspect of the “make money online world”.

online business action planI know many of you are asking “what is the next step in building a successful business” and I want to take the time to share with you what’s working now and why.

While all success is relative to your current standards and quality of questions being asked, giving you insider access to my private conversations and thoughts pertaining to wondrous work from home business opportunity should prove to be of immense value.

Grasping the foundational philosophies as you move forward in your understanding of what it takes to be a full-time home based business entrepreneur will help you master the fine art of getting results online – and does not have to be hard or difficult to acquire.

home business connection

Next we need to touch on the sense of connection inside the home based business model. Whether it be affiliate marketing, network marketing, or online internet marketing; One thing to always remember is that this is a people business first.

The more meaningful relationships and connections you have to leverage for the greater good the better off you are going to be when it comes time to establish a work from home entrepreneurial lifestyle.

10 Best At Home Jobs, Ideas, & Strategies:

– Earn Big Blogging Online: Make Money Blogging

online blogging for moneyLearning the basics of making money online by blogging with your own website is one of the most utilized ways of earning profits online. It is one of my most recognized choices and plans of actions because you can start to build, craft, and create your story so people can relate to you.

Building and investing in a brand (you) should be super high on the priority list if your considering working from home on the internet! It’s just the way it works. Below we will talk about the 3 C’s of internet marketing; Creating Traffic, Capturing Leads & Converting Sales. Check out Professional Blogging Mastery bonus offer below.

– Search Engine Optimization & Marketing: Make Money with Google

home business on googleEverything google does is 100% free. So how on earth can we make money with it? Simple, by providing and generating valuable content, links, and interaction amongst one another. Learning how to make money online will largely depend on your understanding of what and who search engines purpose are. Sure there are offline methods of operation and paid advertising strategies, but google is the king when it comes to online search and learning how to profit with google is in your best interest. Living on Google

– Work At Home Business Making Money on Youtube

Capturing Real Life Videos can be a way of life if you like making entertaining and value-filled videos. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind google, and the opportunity to work from home and film your daily lifestyle, thoughts, feelings, and emotions can help you produce a real-life income fast. Youtube Money Video Guide

-Make Money with Facebook

facebook home businessDay in and day out, facebook is the king of where most people spend their time on a daily basis. The advertising network and platform facebook offers is a great way to start making legitimate money by finding super targeted traffic and leads.

– Cashing in with Social Media: Make Money with Social Media

social media businessAs we outlined above, facebook, youtube, twitter and the like are a great way to build an audience and following super fast.

Connecting with individuals around the world, sharing common interests, needs, wants, desires, and more can help brand, build, and establish yourself as a leader, expert, and authority in any niche you so choose. Making money online has never been easier! Check out the Social Media Gameplan below.

– World’s Largest Marketplace: Make Money on Amazon

Do you think people spend money on Well yeah, of course, so if all of these sales are generating money transactions, who do you think is making all the profit? Amazon? No..How about the thousands upon thousands of different companies, businesses, services, and products that are enlisted there..Why can’t you have a piece of the world’s biggest global marketplace?

– Make Money Writing Content: Home Based Business Writing

This is hands down one of the quickest, easy, best ways to make money online from home if your looking for fast results. Writing content is a skill, and many are looking for quality writers on a vareity of topics, from health to business, entertainment to spiritual, finding your niche in writing content (and blogging) is a sure-fire way to start a home based business today.

– Make Cash Freelancing

top online business skillsDo you have a unique skill set? talent? gift? How about being able to design, program, code etc.

Getting listed on major free lance sites is a great way to start earning money for doing individual jobs and tasks you already know how to do. People are willing to pay for quality work done, especially when they don’t know how to do it themselves. Outsourcing is the way of the internet! Check out the Freelancers How To Guide below.

– Learn More About Sharing and Gifting: Virtual Assistance Helper

online business assitantVA’s are becoming more and more popular as part-time individuals fill in when they can with what they know. Making money as a VA is a great way to generate a supplemental income in a short period of time.

– Home Based Businesses – Are they Right for You?

Here are some other quick home business ideas to get the wheels spinning:

The ultimate goal here is to help bring out the best in others. All of us have a 6-pack of muscle hiding under a layer (or two) of fat.

best home based business mentor– Personal Trainer
– Yoga Instructor
– Personalized Tutoring
– Child Care Services
– Business consulting & Coaching
– Medical and Legal Transcriptions
– Freelance Design, Programming, coding
– Website design, Graphic Design
– High Quality Photography Services
– Craft/Specialty Hobby Business
– Computer Repair/Maintenance
– Cleaning/Maid Service

home business opportunitiesThe vital key is to get clear on your purpose and intentions so the lightbulb at the end of the tunnel can come into a clean, pure perspective of truth and love.

Most of the richest people on the planet had one good business idea originating from their personal lives and figured out a way to professionally package and deliver superior products and services that people are willingly and openly ready to buy…

best work from home business ideaswatch free home business video

So what we’re going to do, enter your email above right now.

I actually am going to tell you exactly the top 7 ways, and I’m going to break them down, each video how to make money starting today.

And I know that’s going to pique your interest because you landed on this website. You’re going to learn how to master the art of making money and just a little bit about me.

Like I said, seven years ago, I started my full-time Internet marketing entrepreneur career, and while I’ve been responsible for generating millions and millions of dollars worth of products sold since then, what I’ve done and since I live here in the secluded mountains of Southern California, San Diego – I’ve taken the time to break down – if I had to start all over again, if I had nothing to my name, no experience other than what I’ve been able to accumulate my first seven years, I’m going to show you exactly what I would do today to start making money now whether you have no experience, whether you have no budget.

These are practical and pragmatic ways to make money online in 2013. Whether it’s through blogging, whether it’s through social media, whether it’s through Facebook or YouTube, whether it’s through Amazon, I have some of the best ways to make money online in 2013 because I’m going to tell you something, I will earn over a million dollars this year.

That is my intention and purpose for 2013, and every single year I’ve been in business, I’ve been making more and more money because the Internet is becoming scaled down. I’ve been able to figure out secret ways to make money online that nobody’s doing yet, and that’s why I have over 1,000 plus websites.

That’s why I’ve done this all through blogging, all through free techniques, and that’s what I’m willing to share with you.

All you have to do is enter your email below, and I’m going to send this directly to you, followed up by a seven part video series that literally whiteboard explains, step-by-step, holds your hand and tells you without any risk, without any money how to make money in 2013.

So again, thanks for listening. I have a lot more videos to share with you, absolutely free, 100% risk free. All you have to do it enter your email below, and we will see you on the other side. I look forward to helping you just implement some ideas, implement some strategies and ideas and concepts that can make you a lot of money in 2013 and make it the best year yet, and I know that’s why you’re here, searching for the best ways to make money online.

I want to show you how to make money online starting today with the most lucrative solution to a complex problem that most people face, because 97% of the people that start out in a home based business, work from home field they fail because they are missing the key concepts to get them started over that first obstacle, over that first hurdle if you will, and that’s what this video series is geared towards.

It’s geared towards somebody who is just starting out in the industry. If you have a little bit of experience, if you have a little budget, then you’re already ahead of the learning curve. You can tagline and streamline right along with what I’m saying on the best, most lucrative ways to make money online.

So again, my name is Troy. I greatly appreciate you watching this video. I look forward to helping you make money in 2013, because that’s the purpose and intention of this video, and that’s what I’m trying to do is bring as many like-minded, high spirited entrepreneurs with me in 2013. So let me send you the top seven ways to make money online in 2013 starting today. Have a great day and I look forward to connecting with you in the future.

My Wild History of Working From Home Online:

7 Years ago I had a vision of making money online by leveraging the raw power of the internet and establishing myself as a home based business entrepreneur. The idea of working from home on the internet had a monumental impact and influence on me the moment I was able to conceive the idea, I know I could achieve the vision.

I never had problem making money in life – having a child-hood job on the farm every day of summer from the time I was 8 to nearly 16 years young – I quickly realized and recognized how awesome an “internet money lifestyle” could be if I could earn real and substantial income online by working at home building websites, selling products and services, and other valuable and advantageous commerce.

Fast forward 7 Years and we are in 2013, and making money on the internet has never been easier, faster, or global. The ability to make quick, legitimate profits online is literally shaping the way the world interacts and engages with one another, whether it be website giants facebook, twitter, youtube, amazon, google and many more – or network marketing companies, affiliate marketing programs, or internet marketing product launches, the global landscape of the god-speed internet is allowing anyone and everyone with a little motivation, desire, and passion to make and master the art of making money online.

I want to give you my Top 7 Making Money Concepts along with what to watch for when deciding the Best Home Based Business Opportunities suitable for you.

These are my intimate findings after 7 highly prosperous and successful years of working from home making money online. They are the bread-and-butter of mastering the science and cracking the code to earning fast cash now in a lightening flash.

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Owners of home-based businesses often fail to establish proper boundaries between their work and personal lives. Here’s how to get it right the first time.


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I’m interested in working from home, an unemployed.


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i’m a disable vet.. they tell me i can’t work.. i say bull.. i’v tryed a few things and have lost money.. everyone seems to be a sponcer and not a mentor.. i’v been a mentor in the usarmy.. i know when u help someone help themself u never go hungry. i don’t have ton’s of money to spend i don’t want invent the wheel i want to learn to turn a wheel.. i’ll have the 25 dollars on the first of the mo.. would like to talk to someone buy email or phone and start to be part of a team and not a i.


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Hi Troy,
This is great post for anyone thinking of getting into an online business.
I particularly like your point that, the vital key is to get clear on your purpose and intentions.

How true this is, because if you don’t have a clue about this then you’re not going to get very far in business



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