Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey is one of the most popular books on productivity and how to start living a higher quality of life when it comes to getting done what needs to be done in your lifetime.

Find out the 7 most important habits of leaders and entrepreneurs that help them solve problems in their personal and professional lives and discover which one of them will be the most beneficial for you.

These are the types of modalities that have helped me start making money online and enjoying all of the success this industry can bring us day in and day out.

Brief Book Review Summary

7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleIn The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey writes about the seven proven principles that will help you succeed in life. He helps you understand that your habits affect your life in so many ways. In essence, you are the result of your habits. People who adopt productive habits are generally productive and successful people. People that have habits that don’t contribute to productivity are rarely successful in life.

What are the 7 principles that successful people believe helped them become successful?

1 : Choose Your Decisions Wisely

Every decision that you make has some sort of an impact in your present life and your future. Every choice that you make determines the path that you’re on, and no one else is responsible for your decisions. You must make the initiative to take control of your present, make the best decisions possible, and do what is necessary to get yourself on the right path.

2 : Lay Out All Of Your Goals

Figure out what your ultimate goals are and visualize them in your mind. Visualizing your goals so that you can see them clearly will help give you the drive to succeed.

3: Prioritize the Important Things

Always focus on the most important things that will impact your life the most. Things that are a top priority aren’t always an urgent priority. For example, picking up a ringing telephone may seem like a top priority, but most of the time the caller is not important at all. You should be using most of your energy to help push you towards your goals instead of letting not-so-important things affect your life.

4 : Get In A “Win-Win” Mindset

A “win-win” situation is always better than a one-sided win. When everyone that is involved in the situation is happy with the results, people tend to work together rather than against each other.

5 : Listen First and Talk Later

Open and honest communication is essential to develop win-win relationships. But first, you must find out the desires and the concerns of all of the parties involved. Trying to make someone understand what you have to say right from the start will make it seem like you aren’t really listening to the other person and that you don’t really care about their concerns or desires.

6 : Solve Issues Together & Synergize

Asking everyone to share their opinions and ideas can help inspire everyone to think about the situation at hand in a different light and result in a lot of amazing outcomes. Collaborating with others helps people achieve things that they cannot accomplish by themselves.

7 : Don’t Forget to Sharpen the Saw

There’s an old story about a man that constantly saws logs with a dull saw blade. Sharpening the saw would make his work easier so that he could cut logs faster. But the man doesn’t want to stop sawing to sharpen the saw because he thinks that he is too busy sawing and doesn’t have time to sharpen the saw. A dull saw makes the work harder, tiresome, and unproductive. People that are successful take the time that they need to sharpen their tools: their minds, bodies, souls, and hearts.

What You Need to Do Today to Get on the Path to Success:

1) Become more proactive, take action, and start doing instead of saying.

2) Figure out your top 5 goals.

3) Prioritize your top 5 goals.

4) Apply all 7 of Stephen Covey’s habits of success to your life and work on the most important goals first.

Make sure if you have an interest in working from home, that you learn how to be productive each and every day as self-discipline is the hardest thing to practice and live if you start a home based business online.

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Johnston Cleveland May 11, 2013 at 2:08 pm

This a book I’ll definitely look into buying. Structural practicality is essential to building anything. These seven truths are a great foundation in streamlined success.


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