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*LEARN* The Network Marketing Secrets of MLM Lead Generation:

Network Marketing MLM Lead Generation is the vital life-force energy you need to focus on in order to attract and thrive with an online business and experience the fruits of your labor.

The 7 Truth Principles that transform you into a highly skilled, effective, and magnetic Network Marketer and turns Law of Attraction on its head:

  • Being proactive with decision making process and producing positive choices as you trust the progress.
  • Beginning with the End Result in Mind helps with clarity of knowing your WHY to achieve your ultimate goal of goals.
  • Putting first things first allows you to prioritize and address the urgency of options towards attracting greatness
  • Picturing Win-Win scenarios for everyone and everything involved will change perspectives on the bigger picture and vision.
  • Seeking personal awareness first helps you understand training, coaching and mentoring others to create a winning environment.
  • Synergizing co-operation multiplies the power of one to support the team and contributing to the same cause and movement.
  • Sharpening the saw as you improve and prove yourself worth of success being consistent and persistent and authentic everyday.

Let’s review 7 Network Marketing Success Tips required for building, sustaining, and living the “Online Dream Lifestyle and Freedom Model” and not falling for common misleading MLM Scam Traps..

  • Avoiding the ‘New Earth Shattering Network Marketing’ Pitch and Strategy Techniques
  • Feeling that ‘Market Saturation’ is inevitable or that you had to be in at the top or first to make real money
  • Falling for new MLMs to ‘be the first to market’ a specific or certain type of product or service (nothing new under the sun)
  • Thinking Network Marketing is doomed by design and that no one makes money but the top gurus
  • Trusting someone else’s instincts and judgements based only on their experience without taking proper action, time, and commitment.
  • Seeing another’s success and thinking they ‘just got lucky’ or that they didn’t put in hard work and dedication to achieve results and success
  • Did you know the (GOOYOW) Formula is what is holding you back from creating value and offering your time, expertise, and guidance

Network Marketing MLM Lead Generation System

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Network Marketing MLM TruthMy name is Troy and I started 7 years ago jumping into my first “internet deal” which happen to involve an MLM compensation plan.

Throughout this entire thought-pool of accumulated knowledge around my looooong, yet successful, never trade it for the world online network marketing success, I want to open up the conversation and share with you the ins and outs, ups and downs of just want makes or breaks your online marketing business.

The first highly important note were remembering about Network Marketing is why would you want to succeed in a Leveraging Freedom Model like MLM.

The Multi-Level Marketing business model commonly referred to as “Network Marketing” is about building a team of representatives who believe in the same passion, goal, or vision that you do.

Whether it be a great product, service, or opportunity – Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry outside of professional athletes.

Network Marketing really enforces that it is a “people business” first, and that you must have solid communication and dialogue in order to effectively elaborate on the critical components that make the business tick, function, and work symbiotically.

Below we will be covering a comprehensive Network Marketing MLM truth review that dissects and clarifies many contributing factors to what makes a successful network marketing business develop and sustain itself.

It all starts and ends with MLM Lead Generation. Then we will move into why you need a quality Network Marketing System in place to make the “dreamy lifestyle” a reality.

What is Network Marketing About?

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has many alias’s online; namely direct selling, referral marketing, or even pyramid schemes and is usually pitched, sold, and marketed as time freedom and a leveraged residual income business model.

The truth is, regardless of what you refer to it as, Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any single industry other than professional athletes. So such such a bad wrap industry wide despite such a freedom oriented structure and reputation?

While our primary focus and intention is to elaborate on Network Marketing success tips and lead generation strategies, MLM business opportunities and companies – the common pitfalls, struggles, and “scams” most are faced with upon the uphill battle of building a successful network marketing business will be touched on and discussed at length in order to further your advancement to make an educated, informed decision whether or not this is right for you.

In a nutshell, our review conveys to you a sincere message of how Network Marketing Lead Generation Tips can result in MLM Marketing Success online.

Whether it is MLM or not, creating and surrounding ourself with the right environment, leadership, and systems will ultimately play a decisive influential role in our ability to experience the leveraged lifestyle and time freedom that the network marketing professionalism depicts at its core.

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts explantation of why Network Marketing (MLM) has plagued thousands upon thousands of individuals who have bought into the dreamy lifestyle and fast car pitches, let’s take the necessary and appropriate time to delegate some clear meanings and distinctions to the multi-faceted industry known as Network Marketing.

Most people who are interested in the MLM concept and business model, always want to know all the specifics upfront… Like, “What EXACTLY is being sold? Who exactly is buying? How EXACTLY are they finding out about the product? Why EXACTLY are they buying? What EXACTLY happens after they purchase? How much EXACTLY can I make? What EXACTLY should I do next?”

At the very end of this Network Marketing review, we will have a Free Comprehensive Marketing Bonus Guide on the essentials required to take your business to the next level if you are at all intrigued by the idea of building, creating, and crafting a legacy inside the Multi-Level Network Marketing niche.

What is Network Marketing (MLM)

Network Marketing and MLM

Network marketing and MLM refer to doing business in such a way that the sales force earns commissions not only for the sales that they generate, but for the sales of others whom they recruited as well (pyramid reference). This creates what is known as a hierarchy of multi-levels of compensation through a downline of distributors and sales people.

Best Network Marketing MLM Companies to Join

For those that are looking for a way to make a full time income from the comfort of their own home, many entrepreneurs agree that multi level network marketing may be the answer to help you achieve your goal. However, there are plenty of MLM programs out there that just isn’t worth the investment, time or effort. But with the right product or service, the possibility of making a full time income becomes real.

Before joining a network marketing program, there are a few things that you must consider to avoid jumping into a business venture that isn’t right for you such as:

Products & Services – Join the program that has the products or services that interest you the most. The key to a successful network marketing program is being a part of a company that you love. When you are satisfied with a company’s products or services and you can confidently explain what the company has to offer to other people, you will have a much better chance at gaining a new customer.

Leadership & Support – Make sure the company that you join has a team of leaders that can provide you with the support that you need to succeed and your customers with the service that they deserve.

Sales & Marketing Materials – Make sure that the company that you join has some sort of marketing program in place to help you get more sales. It is important to find a multi level marketing program that offers sales and marketing materials such as pre-made websites, CDs, DVDs, online video presentations, magazines, pamphlets, or brochures to help you in your marketing efforts.

With that being said, here is a comprehensive list in alphabetical order of some of the most popular network marketing companies that have been tried and tested by many entrepreneurs.

Best Network Marketing MLM Companies & Businesses

Below is a list of the most popular and successful network marketing companies to date. The business opportunities below hold and carry a network marketing (multi level marketing) compensation pay structure and model.

  • Agel
  • Amazon Herbs
  • Ambit Energy
  • AmeriPlan USA
  • Amsoil
  • Amway Global/Quixtar
  • Arbonne International
  • Avon
  • BHIP Global
  • Creative Memories
  • FM Cosmetics
  • Forever Living
  • FreeLife International
  • GNLD International
  • Healthy Pet Net
  • Herbalife
  • Immunotec
  • LifeWave
  • Longaberger
  • LR Health & Beauty Systems
  • Mannatech
  • Market America
  • Mary Kay
  • Melaleuca
  • MonaVie
  • Nature’s Sunshine
  • Neways
  • Nikken
  • Nu Skin Worldwide
  • Nutronix International
  • Omnilife
  • Organo Gold
  • Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V.
  • PartyLite
  • Passion Parties
  • PM-International
  • Primerica Financial Services
  • Scentsy
  • Send Out Cards
  • Shaklee
  • Sunrider
  • Tahitian Noni International
  • Tastefully Simple
  • Team Beach Body
  • Team National
  • The Pampered Chef
  • TriVita
  • Tupperware
  • Usana
  • Vemma Nutrition Company
  • Vitamark International
  • Visalus
  • WatkinsOnline
  • XanGo
  • Xocai
  • Young Living
  • YTB International
  • Zeek Rewards

Network Marketing MLM Lead Generation Success Tips

Network Marketing Lead Generation System

Many people have developed supplemental residual income streams that turn into full fledged businesses in favor of slaving away at a corporate, dead-end job, working for someone else’s dream and vision. Finding the right Network marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) lead generation SYSTEMS (Save Your Self Time Energy Money) are vital to the success you can achieve online as it helps aid in the process of creating and operating successful new businesses that carry the “network marketing compensation pay structure”.

MLM Lead Generation Success Tips

Leads or prospects are people or businesses that you can contact in order to provide information about the MLM program in an effort to persuade them to purchase products or services or enlist in the MLM business themselves. Many MLM marketing systems may promise leads, but they may not always work as is intended.

Understanding how MLM lead generation works is critical if there is any success to be had when it comes to virtually any type of business. Some businesses rely solely upon referrals, however, those are still considered leads and they are every bit as important as any other type of lead. The bottom line is that network marketing leads need to be nurtured at every level in order to turn into sales.

Lead Generation Funnel

Cold network marketing leads are often provided by MLM lead generation systems. Third parties are sold these leads, however, they can be either wrongly or ineffectively targeted. In order to make an MLM marketing system work, leads need to actually be interested in what is being sold or provided. Otherwise, it is like talking to the wind.

Warm MLM leads are more beneficial since they consist of people who contact you concerning what you are offering. This is the best way that lead generation systems work for any business.

However, warm network marketing leads can be hard to come by and it may not be possible to generate as much revenue from them as needed to stay in and grow the business. In general, MLM leads are best attained through efficient recruiting strategies and hard work.

Lead Tactics

The best network marketing leads are the ones that you have generated yourself. There are many clever systems to help learn how to do this that can be found in professionally developed MLM sponsoring and network marketing systems.

It is very important that all MLM leads come from legitimate sources. For example, if purchasing them from a system, be certain to research the company contact information and gathering policies and practices.

It is also best to avoid purchasing cheap, bulk package network marketing leads, because they are usually too old to be relevant any longer. For example, they most likely have already been used or consist of invalid or expired contact information.

Network Marketing MLM Tools

Social media is one of the best tools to use in network marketing business lead generation. Because warm leads can be hard to come by, the next best, if not better thing is MLM leads found through social networking. Using inbound marketing techniques such as providing useful information, blogs, articles and newsletters, good prospects can become interested in what you are selling quite easily. Because of this, social media marketing is used as a major component of the most effective network marketing and MLM lead generation systems available.

2013 Best Network Marketing MLM Companies

Now that you are familiar with some of the most popular Network Marketing companies along with the pivotal and vital reason for generating fresh, unique leads and prospects to put into your network marketing business, we want to dive into our favorite and fastest growing MLM-style business available to you.

Known as the Empower Network, in all in one, plug in play attraction marketing system that is pioneering the entire internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct sales industry, is truly changing the way network marketing is perceived and thought possible for so many years.

Having the ability establish yourself as a work from home business leader and expert while earning 70% commissions is one of the fastest ways to build a profitable income stream.

We have talked at length about how to make money online, and there is no doubt in the massive momentum Empower Network is experiencing as a whole is truly a cause and effect relationship because of their unique ability to pay out nearly 70% commissions.

Because of their unique affiliate marketing program setup (more or less a hybrid between Network Marketing/MLM and Internet Marketing) – along with a universally mass appealing viral blogging publishing platform – Empower Network has become of the top ranked, best voted MLM companies in 2013.

With over 90,000 members to date, Empower Network is rewriting the history books as to what is possible inside the legendary Network Marketing niche, becoming one of the first ever companies to offer members and affiliates 70% on all product sales.

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