Empower Network April 2013 Member Website Stats

As you know, since the inception of EmpowerNetwork.com began as a world wide company back on October 31, 2011 – the company has experienced a tremendous amount of exposure, traffic, and success.

Below we would just like to take a little time to share with you some of the CURRENT, mind-boggling numbers Empower Network has enjoyed up until April 2013.

We all know that Empower Network 2013 and beyond, especially with their Chicago Live Event coming up soon, will be a huge stepping stone and trendsetter in the right direction as massive momentum and stories will be born there.

Here is a rundown of vitally important and astounding stats and facts that Empower Network affiliates, members, and corporate are enjoying and experiencing right now.

(Note:Affiliate Income Disclaimer – says these are NOT typical results and can only be assumed ‘normal’ if you apply daily consistent action and get the word out about our amazing system)

Alexa rank – 165 US, 407 Worldwide

We’re now bigger than priceline.com, NBA.com, Foodnetwork.com,CNET.com, Whoot.com, Overstock.com, myspace.com – Read that again!!!

In March 2013 EmpowerNetwork.com witnessed:

– 45,223,617 page views
– 20,220,122 unique visitors

The company has also amassed Over $40 Million in Sales and more than 114,000 paying customers in just over a year and half!

Most recent income stats… Average over the last 3 months:

500 people at $1,000 / mo

83 – 6-figure earners
63 people Ave. $10K / mo
8 people Ave. $20K / mo
7 people Ave. $30K / mo
3 people Ave. $40K / mo
3 people Ave. $50K / mo
2 people Ave. $60K / mo
2 people Ave. $70K / mo
4 people Ave $100K / mo

New Empower Network basic member signups and member enrolls…

Dec 2012 – 7,255
Jan 2013 – 9,486
Feb 2013 – 10,033
March 2013 – 12,594
April 10th – 5,112 (timing of this post – on track for 15,000+

Empower Network was built in the NOW with the FUTURE in mind at ALL times – The Goal is to reach $250 Million commissions paid out in as fast as possible. It is also iconic to have over 15,000 people at all the Empower Network events and that by the end of 2013, Empower Network will have 30 people making a million dollars!

Run with us and join the Empower Network Prosperity Team and earn Higher Commissions than ever before!

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Hanetse Mammo Hailegnaw April 24, 2013 at 2:24 am


Greetings to you all.I am pleased to get you.I cannot buy anything since I cannot have access to pay you.I am living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia but I am very much interested to join you as a vibrant team member if I get the opportunity to get the job.So please facilitate the situation and give the job opportunity.You can pay me via western union or any other mechanism that is applicable here in Ethiopia through Bank O Abyssinia or any other bank that you work with.

Sincerely your,
Hanetse Mammo hailegnaw


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