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Why Blog Beast For Business?

If you landed on this website today is likely that you are searching for more information about the latest Blog Beast Blogging platform.

blog beast faqIn case you are new to marketing online or are looking to quickly leverage the power of the internet to create an income stream, you will be happy to know, the innovative Blog Beast platform by Empower Network is determined to revolutionized the industry, by making it easier than ever before for a new person to start an online venture.

Over $3 Million dollars and a year of development have been invested to create the Blog Beast, which features many cutting edge functionalities when compare to top blogging platforms in the market. In a nutshell the new features of Blog Beast surpass the versatility of some of the most popular blogging platforms of today, such as Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger, to name a few.

The truth is, when you start getting into more complex maintenance, set up and advance features of WordPress, it can be foreign for someone who is new to having a website to learn how to navigate and get the most out of marketing online. For this same reason, Blog Beast was designed to be user friendly regardless of how technically savvy you are.

Some of the most cutting edge features of the new blogging platform include the ability to create and manage content through a mobile app. The new system facilitates the mobile experience by allowing users to record audio and video using a mobile device and having the ability to upload right to their site, with two simply clicks.

One main objective behind the creation of Blog Beast was to design a system, which allow users to share their ideas from anywhere in the world, right when inspiration strikes!

Other important features offer through Blog Beast include the ability to train users with the latest blogging, marketing, and leadership strategies as well as providing a customer relationship back office which allows users to access a virtual business office that keeps track of sales and commissions.

In a nutshell the blog beast is business in a box combine with top of the line marketing information and tools.

You may be familiar with many of the success stories, which has been created in the past 24 months when Empower Network first launched in the market place. Success stories that added up to a whopping $70 million in commissions pay out to affiliates in less than 2 years!

A lot of these success stories are from people who have seen the mass appeal of the system and have become affiliates to the Empower Network marketing Hub.

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Why Blog Beast?

The Importance of Starting an Online Business Today

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur who is searching for ways to get more leads and prospects to your business you may be wondering… Why should I waste time building a website and getting an online business started??

empower network planMost people who want to become a blogger usually have Plan A but revert back to Plan B .. and it is and will be powerful when you embrace, accept, and own the fact and space that you must surround yourself with people who have what you want, going places you want to go, and know how to get things done.

Well the answer is Simply, REAL business and attention is online now days. Research studies conducted by marketing agency have confirmed most consumers conduct online search before buying ANYTHING, or making a purchase online – meaning if your business is not online yet, you are likely missing out from a lot of attention and eyeballs in the online realm.

Why Do You Need a Website?

Having a fully functional and appealing website can make your business, product and services discoverable by potential customers and prospects.

Take in consideration there are Millions of people searching for answer and information every minute online.The term “Google’ing”, has even become a verb.

Learning how to monetize this attention and position your business in front of this wave of traffic can create profitable results.

Blog Beast Simple Formula For Success

Blog best has simplified the formula to leveraging publishing and creating content for search engines. This simple formula consist on

1. Blog Daily – Create content
2. Tell Others – Market the content/ Position the content
3. Get Money – Get pay for providing solutions
The System is a complete marketing package that gives you access to learning how to advertise online from professional marketers. Additionally by being a member of Blog Beast you can connect with a community of entrepreneurs who wish to their online exposure to bring more attention to their products or services!

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Now if you allow me I want to end this quick Blog Beast Review with some of the results we have had with the Empower Network in the last 9 months!

This checks reflects the income generate in in 90 days – 3 months.

(Put Picture of the last check from Denver)

If you are ready to find out everything about how we created this income online and how you can take advantage of this business – Opt in on this form.

Legal Disclaimer: Any incomes discussed
in this message or any message you receive
from us, are not average. Be sure to see
this page for average earnings of Empower
Network Affiliates.

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