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How To Get Started With Empower Network

Empower Network

The Empower Network online marketing opportunity is one that is second to none, when it comes to coaching and training new members.

This network marketing company is not about bringing in new members as fast as possible and then not providing any real value. This network marketing opportunity is one that teaches new members the real value in building a business by giving them the training and tools necessary to ensure their success.

Empower Network Fast Start Training

The truth about online marketing is that most companies pull in members as fast as they can and then give them no sense of direction on how to build an online business. And this is where Empower Network makes a difference and starts a new trend inside the network marketing industry.

The sole purpose of Empower Network’s Fast Start Training videos and checklist is to get each new member on the track to success.

Ensuring that each new member has the proper training and guidance will not only help the member grow, but also keep the company growing.

Empower Network 8 Core Steps

The leaders of Empower Network, David Wood have come up with a simple 8 step formula that they call the 8 Core Commitments that each member should follow on a day to day basis. These are simple step-by-step guidance on how to get each member on the fast track to making money online.

The Empower Network 8 Core Commitments are as follows:

  1. 1) Activate Your Payment System
  2. 2) Blog Daily
  3. 3) Market Daily
  4. 4) New Member Coaching
  5. 5) Empower Hour Calls
  6. 6) Daily Audio
  7. 7) Read Daily
  8. 8) Attend All Events

Each of these 8 Core Steps are simple to follow and understand. Most of them are daily activities that each new Empower Network member should follow in order to be successful with this home based business.

1) Activate Payment Plan

This is a simple and straightforward step that has to be completed in order to become an Empower Network affiliate and be able to use their online marketing tools to make money online fast.

Each member needs to sign up for the affiliate system by choosing their Merchant account and signing the affiliate agreement. [Find out more about Empower Network Compensation Plan]

This is a crucial step if you want to make money online with Empower Network. Without doing this step first, you cannot get paid 70% commissions directly into your bank account.

Complete this step first, before moving on to any of the other 8 Core Commitments.

2) Blog Daily

This core commitment is Empower Networks “Bread & Butter.” The company prides itself on making it easy for each new member to JOIN and then immediately be able to make money online with the Blogging System.

Each new member needs to commit to logging on each and every day and writing a blog post. It can be about whatever they have experienced so far with Empower Network, or what they have done in their daily lives.

Some choose to write about other affiliate marketing opportunities in order to draw other like-minded individuals to their blog. And this will also give the member a chance to make some additional money outside of Empower Network by doing affiliate marketing reviews.

3) Market Daily

This core commitment goes hand in hand with blogging daily. Each time you write a new blog post, you are sharing content with the world and giving each new visitor the opportunity to view your blog and maybe JOIN Empower Network.

Although blogging is a big part of Empower Network, there are many other ways that members can draw in new visitors. Take a look at our newest blog post [Can The Average Person Succeed?] to find out some of the other free and paid traffic sources that will generate more leads for your online business.

The Empower Network leaders, David Wood suggest that you reinvest at least 20% of your earnings back into your business through marketing. It can be a form of free or paid traffic sources, but this will help you generate more leads and visitors to have the opportunity to join your online business.

4) New Member Coaching

This is an important step inside the Empower Network business model. With each new member that joins your team, an email will be sent out saying that a new person has joined as a paid or unpaid member. The email will provide the name of the new member as well as the username and email address.

These email are essential to connecting with new members that join as paid or unpaid. You should take a short time to send an email and congratulate the new member on joining the Empower Network business opportunity. This will give the new member a chance to connect with another member and get reassurance that this is a real online business.

At this time you should let them know why it is important to upgrade to AT LEAST the Inner Circle Membership due to the massive content and training that it can provide for members in this business or any others. (Make sure you are upgraded to the Inner Circle as well.)

This would also be a good time to send them to the Empower Network New Member Coaching Webinar. This is a powerful way for the new member to learn the ins and outs of the business and help them get started in the right direction to have a successful work at home business.

Just remember, the more initial communication with new members, the more likely they are to stay with the online business.

5) Empower Hour Calls

Each and every Monday at 9p.m. Eastern Standard or 6p.m. Pacific Standard time Empower Network hosts a LIVE call with the leaders. This a very important Core Commitment to do every week.

The Empower Hour Calls help all members stay informed about what is going on with the company and any new and exciting news. It is very important to be on these calls so that you do not miss any information, such as a new product launch or contest details.

On the Empower Hour call, David Wood invite special guests to come and share some knowledge with all members. David Wood does live training and coaching on how to become successful within Empower Network or any other network marketing opportunity.

6) Daily Audio

This Core Commitment mainly deals with listening to the Inner Circle audio lessons each day. These audio sessions are a great way for you to transform the way you think and act as an online marketer.

The Inner Circle audio lessons can be downloaded and put into your favorite MP3 player so that you can listen to it at work, in the car, doing chores, or even exercising.

The Inner Circle audio lessons have a lot of great speakers and successful online marketers that come on and share information on how they run their business and what kind of goals they set for themselves.

All of these can be applied to your own business and then scaled up or down. If you keep listening to audio lessons each and every day, you will get better and grow your business. From these lessons you will not only learn what they teach, but how they talk and present their business to others. All of this information will eventually stick with you and be applied to your own business.

7) Read Daily

If you have ever heard the expression; “Leaders are Readers” then you know how important it is to read on a daily basis. Reading is essential in growing and learning new things.

Just like the daily audio sessions, the more you read the better you will become as a writer. Your brain will pick up on the subtle ways the authors write the text and display the story through words. And all of these will help you become a better blogger.

Empower Network asks that you read at least 15 minutes per day. Read blogs, books, newspapers, or anything else that you find interesting. This can also inspire your next blog post. Write your daily blog on the information that you have read and listened to in the other core commitments.

8) Attend All Events!

The last Core Commitment is one that only happens every three to four months, but they are easily one of the best ways to network with other online marketers. Getting the chance to sit down with some of the top leaders in the company and pick their brain can help your business tremendously.

Not only will you get to network with other marketers at the event, but Empower Network usually decides to release some new information about the company at the events. Whether that is a new product or system that is going to be available to sell or general information on how David Wood are making the company better for all affiliates.

There have been three events so far since the birth of Empower Network; “No Wussies Allowed” (June 2012 in Atlanta, GA), “Costa Rica Masters Retreat” (August 2012 in Costa Rica) and “Fight The Forces Of Evil” (September 2012 in San Diego, CA). At each of the events the crowd sizes have doubled and with the next event coming up in January in Dallas, TX called “Release Your Inner BadA$$” they expect to completely fill up the event with 3,700 members!

Will You Follow The 8 Core Steps?

With the 8 Core Steps, Empower Network is basically reaching out its hand to help guide you to success. They provide the 8 Core Commitments that each and ever member should want to follow in order to grow their business.

These steps will help ensure that they are on track for a successful online business. Their simple step-by-simple step process allows each new member to have their hand held throughout the entire process.

One thing you must realize, if you are not 70% committed to these Core Commitments, then you are not 100% committed to the business.

The Laws of Attraction state that “like attracts like.” If you have negative thoughts already then, you are going to push success away from you. Having positive thoughts and knowing that you have the chance to succeed with Empower Network will draw you closer to actually being successful.

So the question is… Will you TAKE MASSIVE ACTION by putting forth the effort to follow the 8 Core Commitments or will you decide to be a wussy?

Make A Decision

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