7 Human Drives Business Success Tips

In the realm of discussing business, success, prosperity and abundance – there becomes a point in time in which the basic human drivers, or building blocks of functionality need to be elaborated on…

By taking just a measurable action in the area and influence of answering the question “what am I really interested in…why do I like this or that and not these things/stuff?”

I think it is important to open up the discussion on the 7 Pillars of Human Drive and Motivation:

1) Aliveness & Awareness
2) Achievement & Creating Value
3) Integrity & Clarity
4) Compassion & Contribution
5) Focus & Mastery
6) Purpose & Vision
7) Evolution & Learning

a) Feelings: The lust to feel something. anything. emotional or meta-physical. Positive or negative, is better than no emotional-life at all. Our lives are driven by hormonal emotions. Whatever you are actively perusing and involving yourself with, it should be to deliberately make others feel your presence through their emotions.

b) Protection & Security: Self-preservation or Survival of ourselves, loved ones, possessions, ideas, feelings, honor, pride, ego and much more is instinctively driven to protect and thrive.

c) Bonding Connections: Establishing relationships, to love and be loved, have a greater sense of belonging, and wanting to express love and service towards others is vital.

d) Collecting Material Objects: This drive can run entire economies and often create artificial habits of material goods. Possession is the desire to acquire and claim something outright as yours. Appealing to this with a strong connection can radically influence the dynamic of how conscious-driven business practices can heavily influence your results.

e) Satisfying and Fulfilling Curiosity: Curious? Every last one of us. Nosy – we do love to be in the know. This is why we entertain our minds with books, TV shows, the World Wide Web, and more. We just can not help it. Position yourself in front of the crowd before it gets there so you are ready with an offer and opportunity of a lifetime.

f) Seeking Status and Reputation: We go through endless hoops for the sake of saving face and status – despite society being an invisible ladder of matrix-filled levels of how everything simultaneously meshes together to keep its balance and stability (for the most part) at all times. Most have a innate desire to be higher and better than other people, in one area of life or another, whether it be sports, financially, or spiritual. All of us care about some sort of status one way or another. The key is to recognize the ability to help people get from point A to point B to keep them moving and progressing.

g) Avoiding Pain and Discomfort: Along with protection, avoiding situations and relationships that we think could produce a negative outcome or presence (ignorantly or blindly) are likely to happen. We must learn to trust our struggles and overcome the stories we are telling ourselves about why we can’t have the things we want or need.

We will continue to evolve to show you how to tie in these 7 distinct human emotional drivers that can pour over into your online business to create success and wealth.

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